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Cultural Stirrings in Maui

Written by Kathy Chin Leong on March 17, 2017

You’ve visited Maui umpteen times. You do the same thing- you relax, you eat out, you read a book, and maybe work up the energy to embark on a hike or two. Now, listen up: on your next trip to this fair island, tackle your tropical vacation by incorporating culture into your daily happenings. By […]

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SAVANNAH: Insiders’ Guide

Written by By BOBBY L. HICKMAN on February 3, 2017

  No one told me about the moving buildings. The first time I visited Savannah, I was at a downtown park where George Washington had made a post-Revolutionary War speech. Suddenly I noticed what appeared to be a colorful building moving behind the brickwork and wrought iron of Factor’s Walk. I followed the unusual site […]

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Twelve Hacks for keeping skin and body heathy on the road

Written by Kathy Chin Leong on January 20, 2017

  Kathy Chin Leong is an award-winning travel writer who has endured  freezing temperatures  near the Arctic  as well as the scorching sands of Fiji. On her travels, she  has suffered mosquito bites lasting for weeks, sunburns that have seared off the top layer of her skin,  stinging bladder infections, and cruise ship diarrhea, to […]

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Must-See Sonoma County Itinerary

Written by Carey Sweet on May 13, 2016

Sonoma County is home to almost 60,000 acres of vineyards, and more than 450 wineries. The food-centric region boasts hundreds of restaurants, from historic roadhouses, to contemporary locavore pubs, to many Michelin-starred destinations. Like any great region, there are numerous natural landmarks here, as well, including historic state parks, and beautiful ranches dating back to […]

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Montreal & Quebec City: Romance at its Best

Written by Kathy Chin Leong on May 5, 2016

Before visiting Montreal for the first time, my enthusiastic friends gave me a list of things to do while trotting about in the Canadian city.  The common thread among them was to consume a Montreal smoked meat sandwich.  When my foodie friend Jane insisted, I stared at her blankly and asked,  “Why?”  “Montreal has the […]

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