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How to Enjoy Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tour Package

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas…stays on Facebook!” shouted a middle-aged woman holding three beer bottles in each hand as she stumbled down the Las Vegas Strip at 4pm. This updated version of Vegas’ popular catchphrase is actually an important warning—you wouldn’t want photographic proof of your hedonistic weekend immortalized on the internet!

In late May, my best friend and I heeded that warning during our first trip to Vegas, embarking on a four day adventure in Sin City ready to experience every thrilling aspect the city has to offer (okay, minus the strip clubs…). With all expenses paid by US Airways, we were free to enjoy the finer pleasures of Las Vegas life. Here are the highlights:


Stay at a fancy hotel

As we checked into our giant Caesars Palace suite we ogled at the view of the Las Vegas Strip—sparkling lights, giant billboards and hordes of tourists. We almost didn’t want to leave our room—it could have been a nice trip just relaxing on the giant beds and using our bathtub as a jacuzzi. Still, we put on the outfits we had bought specially for this trip (think sparkly dresses and high heels) and decided to explore our hotel. After stuffing ourselves at the buffet we wandered around checking out old ladies playing the slots, well-dressed men playing poker and the general chaos that is the casino floor. We scoped out the bars and restaurants we would be frequenting for the next few days and realized that if you book your hotel carefully, you can have the complete Vegas experience without stepping outside once!


Party, party, party!

Even though we were there on weeknights, we hit the town three nights in a row. As San Franciscans, we were not too used to the clubbing scene and were somewhat dumbfounded by the 8-inch heels all the other girls were wearing. Even so, we managed to get on the list at a few different places, including Caesars Palace’s popular Pure nightclub. Packed on a Tuesday night with Vegas’ hottest, we escaped to the rooftop bar for amazing Strip views and electronic music. Even though beers cost $8 and drinks cost $12, we spent a lovely night dancing and people-watching. The highlight was an old hippie dancing by himself that all the pretty young things took funny pictures with—I thought these places had dress codes!


Don’t forget to relax!

In the midst of a week of very little sleep, we spent a very relaxing day at the Roman Baths, Caesars Palace’s fancy spa facilities. Welcomed by dim lighting, running water and cool stone floors, we donned our borrowed bathrobes and slippers and set off exploring. First stop was the biggest jacuzzi whirlpool I’ve ever seen. Next we tried out the different ambient rooms—the steam room, the dry sauna, and the “ice room” where snow fell from the ceiling. Finally, we went to the main pool room, taking alternating dips in the ice-cold and extra-hot pools. The pièce de résistance was the tea sommelier who crafted us specialty teas to sip. It seemed almost sinful to leave such a relaxing place and be out in the chaotic, loud Las Vegas Strip again.


If you go

While there’s more going on in Vegas on weekends, it also costs three times as much to visit Friday-Sunday. Try looking for Thursday-Saturday or Saturday-Monday packages, or take some days off of work or school and see what Vegas is like during the week! Always book as far in advance as you can–at least two weeks but more if possible!

California Tours Las Vegas Air Packages: California Tours books Las Vegas air packages from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, and a variety of other US cities. Click the links for more details, or call 1-877-338-3883 for a price quote.

Caesars Palace Qua Roman Baths: Call 866-782-0655 for reservations

Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau: Plan your trip by visiting

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